Building NasuTek Code

Building a NasuTek Project is easy, first you need to check out the code following Checking Out Source Code which will generate a source tree like the following example using NasuTek Developer Studio
Source Tree

Here are descriptions for the files in a typical NasuTek Project:
  • Libraries - This folder is usually the primary Library folder for any dependencies needed by the source application
  • Tools - This is the Tools used by the build engine. This is usually for example AutoGen.exe which generates version info files with generated information like Git Revision, etc.
  • AutoGenSettings.xml - The AutoGen process file
  • Build.proj - The actual build engine. This file should not be edited.
  • build_debug.cmd - Builds the Debug build of the application
  • build_release.cmd - Builds the Debug build of the application
  • BuildConfig.proj - Build Engine Settings File. If you need to edit anything in this file it is recommended to put it in BuildConfig.user.proj.

To Build a Project

To build, run either build_debug.cmd or build_release.cmd depending on the type of project you are building.
It is possible to compile directly from the Visual Studio solutions in Visual Studio, but the project needs to once be built using the scripts so that any .gen.cs files will be created as the AutoGen is only ran using these scripts. Its recommended that any final released build is ran by the scripts to make sure AutoGenned files are correct.