Checking Out Source Code

NasuTek uses the NasuTek Build Engine to pull and generate build scripts. You can download the current version from Here

Checking Out

Once you download the Build Engine, you can easily check out a projects code by doing the following

NasuTekBuildEngine checkout [spec file]

Spec Files are what tells the engine what projects to check out, check out the common tools used by NasuTek code, and downloads any libraries needed.
The spec files that are available are located on Make sure you get the raw Url for the spec file you want to use

Regenerating Build Files

Sometimes a build spec changes for the AutoGen files or other build processes. It is possible to rebuild the build scripts without checking out code, in this case just run the Build Engine using the following

NasuTekBuildEngine generate [spec file]

This will regenerate any build files necessary.

Updating Code

It is possible with NasuTek Build Engine to pull or fetch from all Git Working Directories under the active path by running the following command

NasuTekBuildEngine pull|fetch

Running Git on all Working Directories

In fact you can even run full git commands on all Git Working Directories under the active path using the git command. the pull and fetch commands are actually aliases to git pull and git fetch respectively.

NasuTekBuildEngine git [command]